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What is required to participate more fully in our own health and well being ... Is simply to listen more carefully and to trust what we hear, ... To trust the messages from our own life, from our own body and mind and feelings.


This sense of participation and trust is all too frequently a missing ingredient in medicine.



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Delivering the best acupuncture in Rochester

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Acupuncture Treatment Locations

Mindful Medicine Rochester patients travel from all over New York! A great feeling body is priceless and worth traveling for.

We compiled a list of the areas where all of our patients travel from to assure you that Mindful Medicine is more than just a local clinic. We strive to deliver health and wellness to whoever walks in our doors.

Located just outside the borders of Rochester, NY, we service the vast majority of Rochester citizens. Patients do however travel from all of our surrounding areas as well.

  • Rochester, NY

  • Penfield, NY

  • East Rochester, NY

  • Fairport, NY

  • Brighton, NY

  • Webster, NY

  • West Walworth, NY

  • Walworth, NY

  • Plus all surrounding areas!

"This practice really helped me during the stressful transition from high school to college, and I experienced real improvements in long term anxiety and sleep as well. Dr. Aaron is extremely kind, and I would recommend Mindful Medicine to anyone who is interested!"

 - Sophie

Mindful Medicine Service Areas

Rochester area & more